I’m crushing on Lydia Forson – Jay Foley confesses


Award-winning radio personality Jay Foley has confessed his undying love for popular Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson.

In an interview with Andrew Tandoh on Joy Prime monitored by Mframa Radio the 36-year-old Jay admitted to crushing on actress Lydia Forson who has been pressured by fans to get married

“…I’m crushing on Lydia Forson I used to tell her I love her and stuff, but…” he smiled.

The smile on his face after the above statement shows clearly that Jay Foley is in love with Lydia, but maybe for her, they are just friends.

Meanwhile, Lydia Forson in an attempt to liberate herself from the shackles of her fans who keep questioning her on when she will also get married like Jay Foley said it baffles her that even though the majority of Ghanaian bloggers aren’t married but they also keep heaping pressure on unmarried female Ghanaian celebrities to marry.

The majority of Ghanaians have wondered why most female Ghanaian celebrities are still single with little hope of being married ?perhaps Ghanaian men are scared of their fame.

Lydia Forson says Ghanaian bloggers should leave their single asses alone and marry too.

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